EcoIsle Dundalk now offer the following services:

Heating System power flush – remove dirt and sludge which causes cold spots, noise and inefficiency in your heating system. – system efficiency can be improved by up to 30% just by flushing the system and balancing alone. This typically takes between 5 and 8 hours and costs from €230 including vat, cleaning agent and corrosion inhibitor. Cost based on an 8 radiator system.

High efficiencly Oil boiler and heating control upgrade – New boilers now operate at greater than 90% efficiency compared to 70% for those of approximately 7 years old. This offers an instant saving as well as quicker response time and an improvement in overall comfort.

SEAI now offer a €700 grant towards the cost of a boiler and heating control upgrade to qualifying homeowners. EcoIsle are an SEAI registered contractor and include a power flush of your heating system with every new boiler installation to ensure you get the most from your system.

Heating control upgrade – This upgrade includes installation of heating controls to zone your heating system so that you only heat the areas of your property that need to be heated at any particular time, depending on use. There is an SEAI grant of €500 towards the cost of this upgrade.

Roof space insulation – Heat rises naturally, so by effectively insulating your attic and bringing it up to the recommended 300mm of insulation, you can reduce your heating costs and improve your comfort. Greatly reducing the time for your heating to warm up the property and allowing it to stay warmer for longer after your heating switches off.

An SEAI grant of €250 is offered towards the cost of upgrading your attic insulation when combined with another grant application

Internal insulated dry lining services – This is a recommended solution for older properties with solid or single block walls to greatly increase the energy efficiency and comfort levels. Insulated dry lining reduces heat loss, eliminates damp spots due to condensation and therefore creates a more comfortable and healthy environment in living areas. There is now an SEAI grant of €2500 towards the cost of the installation when using an SEAI registered contractor like EcoIsle

It is important to note that a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate must be submitted when applying for grant payment for any of the above measures under the Home Energy Saving scheme. SEAI do contribute €100 towards the cost of the certificate and EcoIsle will pay the balance of the cost when using one of their recognised BER service suppliers, who must also be registered with SEAI.

Solar Hot Water Systems – EcoIsle have now carried out over 30 installations of these increasingly popular systems in the last 18 months in various different formats, and hence have the experience to make sure that you get the system that is most suited to your needs. SEAI grant payments of up to €1800 towards the cost of installation are available using registered installers like EcoIsle, and we can offer complete installations from €2600 (end user cost after grant) which includes a replacement high efficiency cylinder.

The grant assistance for this technology operates under the SEAI’s Greener Homes Scheme and does not require a BER certificate.

We offer a complete grant application assistance service and can manage all associated paperwork for you.

Power Flush
A Power Flush will help you avoid cold spots on your radiators associated with sludge and debris build up. Power Flush can also reduce the risk of boiler breakdown and improve your home's overall energy efficiency. The Power Flushing process can take between 5 and 8 hours, depending on how many radiators you have.

Power Flushing
Power Flushing is a highly effective cleansing operation used for cleaning a central heating system of sludge, limescale and debris, by pumping water with a powerful flushing machine and chemicals through the heating system. The special chemicals that are added, breakdown the sludge and iron oxide that have built up within your heating system. By Power Flushing your heating system you will restore your system to top condition which in turn will increase the energy efficient heating and life span of your boiler and central heating system.l increase the energy efficient heating and life span of your boiler and central heating system.

Have you noticed any of these problems with your Central Heating System
Heating system takes a long time to warm up
Strange noises coming from your boiler
Cold areas Noises coming from your pipes

Any of the symptoms listed above could indicate that there are circulation problems with your central heating system, due to limescale, sludge or corrosion within your system, if not treated overtime your central heating system will become blocked and restrict flow to your radiators. All of these problems can be removed by a Power Flush, which will bring better circulation and energy efficient heating to your system.

If we Power Flush your central heating system it will
1 Increase central heating system life span
2 Increase energy efficient heating of system
3 Remove cold areas on radiators
4 Reduce noise from boiler
5 Reduce noise from pipes
6 Protect heating system against limescale and corrosion
7Reduce Monthly Heating Bills

Heating Grants                                                        Grant                                                                   
High efficiency boiler + heating controls                    700
Heating controls upgrade                                         500
BEBER (Building Energy Rating) Certificate                   100