All our solar collectors are certified to EN12975 and carry the solar key mark. They are approved by SEI for grant payment under the greener homes scheme and carry a reassuring 5 years manufacturers warranty with an expected life time in excess of 20 years.

We can supply systems including stainless steel or copper, vented or unvented cylinders or we can engineer a solution to use your existing cylinder if it is of suitable condition and capacity.
We can also provide a solution for increasing the capacity of your hot water storage while retaining your existing hot water cylinder

Example standard system costs are from €4000 for a 200 Litre system to €4592 for a 300 litre system with pressurised stainless steel cylinder with 25 year warranty. These costs include installation and cylinder replacement and qualify for grants of €1152 and €1542 respectively. This leaves a net cost to the customer of €2848 and €3050 inclusive of VAT and installation