1kW non GT Guyed  €1,777.63
1kW non GT Freestanding  €2,506.20
2kW non GT Guyed  €3,037.31
2kW non GT Freestanding  €4,028.71
3kW non GT Guyed  €6,072.80
3kW non GT Freestanding  €7,769.62
5kW non GT Guyed  €9,587.65
5kW non GT Freestanding  €11,464.23
5kW GT Guyed  €11,925.89
5kW GT Freestanding  €13,802.47

GT = Grid Tied GT currently only available for 5kW wind turbine.

2kw and 3kw grid tied versions coming shortly.

Please feel free to enquire All prices include VAT

All prices include complete turbine and tower

Grid tied prices include inverter and PC software

Off grid prices include Wind-Solar hybrid control system, charger and unloading system

Prices include delivery range of 200km.

Further areas at actual cost.

Prices do not include installation but this can be quoted dependant on individual requirements

Non GT price does not include storage batteries

Examples of expected power output for a site with an averageExamples of expected power output for a site with an average 6m/s wind speed

power @ 6m/s Ann hours O/P pa (kW) Saving pa
1kw 0.5 8760 4380 €832.20
3kw 0.75 8760 6570 €1,248.30
5kw 1.5 8760 13140 €2,496.60